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* The boards shown can be plugged into any 1/2  length (180mm) PCI slot.
The SMAS board can be separated from the PCI-PMC carrier board and mounted to a cPCI carrier board, or plugged into any standard PMC slot (IEEE 1386 compliant)

Height: 3.3"  (76.2 mm)
Width:  16.7" (424.2 mm)  chassis
Depth:  28.75"  (730.25 mm) behind
This system will fit most 19" rack systems.


The best deal in the industry!

                                                                     SMAS ThinServer

Comuniq offers a complete VoIP Gateway, pre-installed on a Dell PowerEgde 2550 Thin Server

The SMAS-7200/9000 system is a "plug and speak" system building only 2U (3.3") in a 19" rack.

At a competitive price  you will get  a pre-installed and pre-tested system to connect to a standard Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) and 
3 x T1 / E1 trunk interfaces. 
Also you get our Web-based Call Manager
(CCM) software which is a full-featured administration tool for the SMAS IP Gateway, and a Dell Poweregde 2550 server bundled with; Pentium III processor, 256 MB of RAM, 18 GB of HDD space, and the Windows NT 4.0 operating system.  

The SMAS unit was specifically developed to meet the rapidly growing market demand for competitively priced VoIP systems.   
It is the ideal solution for Operators, Broadband providers,
ISP's, and the Enterprise Market because it allows users to bypass traditional phone lines and offer long-distance  services, or make long-distance calls between company sites using their existing,  fixed-cost IP network connection.

The system is fully accessible from the network connection. 
The package includes:

  • 3 x line interface (T1/E1), 69/72 or 90 voice channels

  • DSP power (TI C6201) that handles G.711, G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.165 & proprietary echo cancellation

  • DTMF detection and generation

  • Auto detect Fax and Modem tone (CNG and ANS) for transparent Fax and Modem transmission over IP

  • Voicemail play & record capability

  • Open H.323 support

  • E1 Euro ISDN (European) and T1 NI-2 (US) signaling

  • T1 CAS ESF E&M (Wink)

  • User and Network-end signaling

  • Apache Server

  • MySQL database

  • Comuniq Call Manager (CCM) version 2.2.x

  • WinVNC remote control software

  • WAR FTP server

  • Compatibility with NetMeeting, Open Phone, Cisco Gateways, Quicknet, RADvision, and WebPhone

  • Dell PowerEgde 2550 Thin Server

  • Intel Pentium IIITM @ 933 MHz processor

  • 256 MB RAM


  • 330W  110/230VAC power supply

  • Windows NT + SP6  (Windows 2000 upon request)


If you are interested in this product, please contact: for Asia, Australia, Middle East and Europe for Canada, USA and south America

Order code: SMAS-7200 (US, Canada and Japan)  
SMAS-9000 (Europe, Asia and Australia)

About Comuniq  
Founded in 1987, Comuniq ASA develops, manufactures and markets VoIP products that lead the industry on a cost for performance basis.  Comuniq’s products bridge the gap between traditional telephony and Internet technology by enabling companies to economically transmit high-quality voice data over network connections.

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